The Hartford Knights

Therapeutic and Behavioral Health Programs

Overcoming community challenges


“we will improve the family’s opportunity for a better life, and especially their children’s health.”

- Hartford Knights

In-home or in-crisis, we respond to the greatest behavioral health challenges.

Temporary Care Services provides a short-term break or intervention, separating the child/youth from caregivers for a few hours, or other relatively short periods of time in order to assist family members with the practicalities of living and attending to the needs of all family members. This service is provided in the home of the parent or caretaker.

Therapeutic Support Staff is a service designed to address the individualized needs of a child or youth with complex behavioral health needs. These children or youth have a current diagnosable behavioral health condition that results in moderate to acute functional impairment which substantially interferes with, or limits the child’s or youth’s role or functioning in family, school, or community activities. This service is intended for children or youth whose level of functioning puts them at risk of entering a residential level of care, disrupting from their home or foster placement, or for children or youth who are being discharged from residential treatment or a more acute level of care.

Support Staff Service is a service designed to address the individualized needs of a child or youth in the community who may be exhibiting mild to moderately challenging behaviors in the home, in school or in the community. This service provides a range of life supports focused on making positive decisions and behavioral choices; assisting with attaining social and emotional gains; connecting with positive peer and other community supports and reinforcing success in school. These individualized supports are provided by paid, trained and supervised individuals. This service is provided for up to five (5) hours per week per child or youth and includes a combination of structured and enrichment activities consistent with identified treatment plan objectives.

Community-Based Life Skills (CBLS) serve eligible adolescents aged 14 years of age and over before his/her 21st birthday. This program is an approved credentialed Advanced Behavioral Health CT Inc. service and is designed to support an agreed number of the students referred from the Department of Children and Families (DCF). Community-Based Life Skills are a set of skills learned by teaching or by direct experience. These skills are used to handle problems and questions commonly encountered in daily life from adolescence through adulthood.