Hartford Knights is a great start...

I think that the HKYO is a great start in assisting children in need of one on one attention and guidance with a skilled individual to help them cope with day to day adolescent trials and tribulations. I do believe that this is a better systematic approach, such as a new mentor orientation so that we as mentors are confident in what is expected of us.

Warmest Regards,

Nina J. Carlton

Nina J. Carlton,

JasilElderAn Asset to My Community...

      I am Jasil Elder, an alum of the Hartford Knights Youth Organization (HKYO).  HKYO helped me develop a positive mindset and inspired me to be an asset to my community.  One of the biggest tools that I learned was balance.   I focused on being a student first, then other opportunities after.  Today I am a sophomore criminal justice student attending North Carolina A&T State University.  I serve in the Student Government Association, as a Aggie Male Mentor, and as a Aggie Ambassador. I am also involved in clubs and societies on campus such as the Honors Program, Alpha Lambda Delta Society, E. A. Ralston Criminal Justice Society, and the Class Officers Association, to name a few. The interpersonal and life skills as well as the memories that I acquired from HKYO helped me become the young man I am today.
Thank You, Hartford Knights!
Jasil Elder,

feels like family imageThe HKYO Feels Like Family

       The Hartford Knight Youth Organization is a place that makes sure that it stays focused on helping the youth.  It does not get side tracked with all of nuisance of running an organization. It is about making sure that youth are given an opportunity to grow and experience life changing events that can propel them into positive and productive young men and women.  The main reason that I became involved with the HKYO was because their leader Bernard Thomas.  I had belonged to another organization that was putting winning basketball games over teaching the youth how to become better people.  I coached again Bernard at a tournament in 2004 and I saw how he was so involved with the youth that were on his team. I was so impress with his concern on how the team represented themselves while they were under his watch.  His focus was on how  to teach the players how to play  together and understand what it meant to be a good  teammate and not winning at any or all cost.  My wife Veains, our 10 year old son Jasil and I made the trek to Hartford from Middletown to join HYKO organization in their quest to change lives while changing our lives for the better as bonus.  There are just too many things to mention about  what HYKO has done  for my family and the community.  One thing that I am so proud is the opportunities that were given to Jasil Elder and other youth that were involved with HYKO.  Jasil was able to share his life with kids with different backgrounds, learn discipline and respect, and most of all learned how to be the best person he can be.  I am witness that the HYKO programs work.  My son is now attending North Carolina A.T.T. College and wants to become a lawyer.  He has started his own mentor program called B.E.N.S. which stands for Black Excellence Never Sleep.  I glad and fortunate to have has the chance to work with HYKO, because as much as it has enriched the lives of the youth, it has enriched my life and given me lifelong friends.


Anthony L. Elder,