As a community-based organization, we embrace the striving potential of each and every youth member throughout communities we serve. Our sole purpose is to ensure their success academically, socially, and emotionally engaging them to be a positive asset to the community.  We strongly believe and shown that our program has the structure and fundamentals to do so. Shaping the young minds today & future leaders of tomorrow.


backtoschoolThis program is designed to give all of our youth the fundamental tools they need to be productive students. Hartford Knights Youth Organization will work with participants to identify interests, special skills and abilities to reach their full potential.

The interpersonal skills are an important part of the program. Scholars in this program are taught that life is beyond the image portrayed in the media. They must strive to be winners in all aspects of life including school, work, and in their communities. Participants discover the concepts and principles that are used to set goals in life.